Alcyon Massive

Posted December 13th by Hohme in Downtempo, Eclectic, Hip-Hop, Music, Rock

Alcyon Massive is a dynamic new artist on Righteous Sound Productions out of Southern Oregon.  His debut album, Dreaming the World Awake is a seriously solid blend of hip-hop, reggae, and what he likes to refer to as tribalonika.  Lyrics packed with positivity & soul-enlightenment mixed with clean & catchy production spell out a strong start for this fresh, new artist.  In general, I’m not much of a praise-music connoisseur, but this is different.  Non-denominational in it’s nature, Alcyon seeks only to bring attention to love, life, and positive energy…which I can get down with.  Cop the album here, check out his Myspace here, and stay tuned for his website, which is slated to drop later on this month.  I’m gonna leave you with this lyric from open your heart which struck a chord with me:

It’s archaic, but it plays like the future, it explains that your brain is an organic computer…your hearts like a battery, fueled by the soul, connected through the galaxy, through universal flow.

Open Your Heart

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